Tags For Colliding Images?

Wondering if I will need to delve into Tizen Studio for this, or if basic GWS tags can do this with effort:

Two different small images have their gyro properties which move their XY coordinates independently from each other. Can a tag scenario determine when the two images touch or cross each other?

I do not see any documented tag for gyro values in GWS.

Thanks Peter. There are tags for the position, for the X and Y values, though. I’m fishing for whether there’s a logic to compare the XY values of two different images.

Maybe I dont know the right words, I am not a programmer. The conditional expressions for comparing values can only compare variable values of tags.
If you define the x y placement coordinates fixed or with expressions, you can compare what you inserted there. To compare two variable values (tags) you have to put them in a formula (expression). But if there are no tags for gyro values, there cant be made an expressions to compare them.

An image’s Placement boxes for X and Y have scripting windows. What would be a reason to use scripting within these placement values?

Looking at the Tag Expressions tutorial, I don’t see any tag related to X or Y coordinates.

If I wanted the image to become visible only when the X value is between -10 and +10 then I might use the Opacity scripting window. Is there a way to do that?

look here Tag Expression

that is what I wrote in the first reply. there is no way to use gyro values in the expressions.
but for opacity there are fields directly on the gyro properties settings below the placement.