Termination of Edge Panel apps

Dear Galaxy Store Support Team,

We are writing to express our deep concern and disappointment regarding the recent decision to terminate existing Edge Panel apps on the Galaxy Store.

While we understand the need for platform adjustments, this decision affects both developers and the customers who have invested in our apps.

  1. Customer Commitment:
  • Our existing customers have shown tremendous trust in our products. For example, an app has accumulated over 200k “paid downloads” on the Galaxy Store. These customers have not only chosen to use our app but have also paid for it, expecting continuous value and support.

  • With the sudden termination of existing Edge Panel apps, our hands are tied when it comes to supporting these customers in the future. They may encounter issues such as bugs during use or compatibility problems when upgrading their Android OS, and we will be unable to provide updates or assistance. This situation places our valued customers in a precarious position and could lead to dissatisfaction.

  1. Developer Impact:
    As developers, we have invested considerable time, effort, and resources into creating and maintaining these apps. With the termination of existing apps, we are unable to provide necessary updates and support to our loyal user base. This impacts our reputation and business adversely.

  2. Mitigating Solutions:
    We understand the decision to disallow new apps, but we request a reconsideration regarding the termination of existing apps. If possible, we propose a grace period during which developers can continue to provide updates and support to their existing customer base. You do not permit the addition of new apps, but it is crucial to maintain the existing ones, please consider this.

  3. User Satisfaction:
    A key element of the Samsung brand is customer satisfaction. The termination of existing apps without a transition plan may lead to customer dissatisfaction and damage the brand’s reputation.

We kindly request you to consider the impact on developers and customers and look for alternative solutions that will allow for a more gradual transition. We are more than willing to cooperate and contribute to the success of the Galaxy Store platform while ensuring customer satisfaction and developer support.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your response and the possibility of finding a resolution that benefits all parties involved.


I am not able to ask for a change in a decision that has already been made by Galaxy Mobile Development teams, they work years ahead of a release products

We are working on plans to improve Edge panels with Android widgets for a better user experience.

I hope you can easily change your products to work with the Android Widgets.

Samsung Developer Relations