Text doesn't appear in GWS

As title says, I am not able to see any text fields I have on my project. The visibility is on and I have even toggled it off and back on. Opacity is 100%. Only pictures that I import to the project are visible. I’ve opened a new project and added a text field and it doesn’t show up. I can’t type in the text field either.

Did you already control the dimensions of the text?

If this is a recent install of Galaxy Watch Studio you probably need to restart your computer for the fonts to show. Long story short it is a caching issure.

If that isn’t it let us know the version there is something entirely different in the 1.8 GWD that has a simple fix.

Samsung Developer Progrm

Sorry for the delayed reply. Restarting seemed to do the trick. The odd thing too was it was only happening with one project. I tested a few other face projects and they all loaded just fine.

Either way, the issue seems to have been resolved. Thank you very much!