Change background and text color

Hi I am trying to crate a face that when I tap to change background it changes some text color how can I do it ?

Hi. If the text is static, then make it part of the background. If it is a dynamic text field, like date or time, then the whole text field should be like solid field (for example black) with hollow transparent letters, so their actual colour is part of the background. I cant see other way, how to make this possible.

If the colours of text and background are somehow related (for example the background is dark gradient shade of the text colour), you can just add them in grey scale and turn on the theme colours to the background as the text.

how do I add the text to the grayscale?

In the example above I added text, left the text as it was (default white) and checked the “apply theme color” option below it. Same I did in the with the background gray shade image. Then in the style tab I added new color theme.

This can be done with all color-adjustable elements, like images, texts, watch hands (hands or images can even have multiple styles, that dont need to be crossed with themes, but that is not topic here)

I don’t see anywhere the style option or apply theme option

Ouch, I am really sorry, I did not pay enough attention to the topic category. So you are using Galaxy watch studio for Tizen watches. My apologies, my fault. Did not notice it as I was in a topic about WFS a while ago.
For GWD I do not know about option, how to change multiple elements at once, other than making the colorful parts of background transparent and the date fields with bitmap font with hollow letters, so only the bottom laying image would change for simultaneous colour accent change. Shame is, the hands would not work together with it.
Check this tutorial:

Thanks a bunch for the help. I hope you have a good day

If this is for your own personal use there is a hack but I wouldn’t use it for open distribution.

There are tags for Water intake and so you have a button to set the water or Caffeine then you use the tag for Water Intake to move the placement of one or more objects.

The problem is it resets every day at midnight.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Yes Ron, I remember that option, I just did not want to suggest that, as it is really “short working” one :slight_smile: