Text in capital letter only

How can I type letters in capital letters only?
Thank you

Tags or own text? You talking about

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My Own text, and TAG TEXT please.thank you

Own text do what you did when u replied to me.

Tag text think if want all caps only, only way is to use bitmap fonts where replace all letters small and big with the same cap font

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I think you dont need any tags nor bitmaps for this. There are those buttons TT Tt tt on text appearance tab below font settings to force whole text field into upper case or lower case

Try to use the search button (magnifying glass icon) in the top right corner of forum page before asking.


Sorry didnt try that and didnt have time to search for him…good job peter.

And yes peter is right search the forum first…
Lots of people asking same question often.

Example how to connect to wfs, how to make icon appear etc.

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Thank you Peter, and Knightwing so much.

Thank you so much for the help.