The issue with the Heart Rate complication on Samsung Watches

Hello everyone. Some of my customers have reported that the heart rate complication does not display their actual heart rate, showing only a link to initiate heart rate measurement instead. This issue appears to be specific to Samsung Watches and occurs solely with circle complications.

I own a Pixel Watch 2 and am unable to test this myself.

Additionally, customers have mentioned that other third-party watch faces correctly display the heart rate, which leaves me puzzled about how to fix this. To my knowledge, there aren’t any settings in Watch Face Studio that address this problem.

Have there watch been upgraded to the lastest wear os version? And are there wearable app lastest version…

My watch has no issues in my testing. Samsung s23 ultra > gw 5 pro

What versions are they using.

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Sometimes not all options for complications are created by the app developer. In the case of Samsung Health the Short Text complication and Line complication show the heart icon and the readout. If you have the circle complication it is only an icon.

With Watch Face Studio you can create your own complication with the [HR] tag and your personal designed Heart but it can’t be customized by the end user.

Samsung Developer Relations

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That’s along the lines of what I was thinking, thank you. I was confused because some users reported that other watch faces on Samsung watches do actually show the heart rate…

Oh BTW the frequency of the heart rate display is set in the Samsung Health Settings and there is no performacne issue if it is set to constant.

Samsung Developer Relations