Heart rate not shown in complication slot

Show I added using text from this Tutorial but on group action heart rate tap not shown in my watch face studio


I’am using below version of watchface studio

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Hey @marakammate . Welcome to the Show . If you want a HR Tag you will have to go back to " 13 " . Samsung have dumped the HR on WFS for now . I am not sure if it will ever come back . It is actually quite easy to get a Complication to read the HR from The health App your Watch but it would come out on a seperate pop up Display. @Peter has posted a link to " 13 " . If you can not find it . I will bring it here . Lots of Makers have Downgraded .

Just out of interest see if [HR] is in the Tags List .

Not for Samsung Galaxy watch users where Heart Rate Complication is still not available in 3rd party watch faces. 2 years and nothing… Wish this would change with Wear OS 4 but I’m skeptical about it.

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You no longer need to tap to measure. That is what is gone. The tags [HR] and [HR_Z] are still there with Wear 3 it now reflects the settings the user uses in the Health app for measure interval. Icon complication (circle slot) also has the Heart Rate shortcut.

See FAQ 12

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Hey Ron . Thank you very much indeed . I like others look at .20 and went back to .13 . I have not done anything with the HR Tap since . I did something with it to switch a data back I have not even checked to see if it still works . I suppose if it is in .13 It will still work .
Yeah The tap still works on .13 . Sadly we are all waiting to see what WOS4 brings .
As always thanks for being there Ron .

I believe WFS 1.3.x supported API 28 and newer but WFS only supports API 30 and newer as that is mandatory next month. So you can continue to use 1.3 it will support API 30. But 1.4.x will be a better end user experience as the heart rate will be the same as the health app displays.



@russellcresser @amoledwatchfaces @r.liechty_SDP
Thank you very much for reply

@r.liechty_SDP Why you keep OLD tutorial online then ? remove it please.
You should definitely remove old one and add new.

Because there is not much tutorial available online so people are going to look in your codebase and you guys not keep it updated.

Why you remove it from Circle [Complication Slot]? Now You make it harder I have to create this heartrate thing manually add 2 text and image and progress bar doing time waste.

Thanks guys for reply.

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You should definitely remove old one and add new.

We are in the process of doing that but the team has a deadline for the new feature rich version and wanted to work on the tools first.

Because there is not much tutorial available online so people are going to look in your codebase and you guys not keep it updated.

I do appreciate your feedback, The Heart Rate changes was in the release notes and is a FAQ as well.

Why you remove it from Circle [Complication Slot]?

You mean as a default provider? It is because of how Wear 4 will handle health apps in the future and we can get the heart rate updates as set by user in the Health App be it Google or Samsung or a 3rd part health app. It will be much better end user experience and the designers will no longer get negative feedback.

Now You make it harder I have to create this heartrate thing manually add 2 text and image and progress bar doing time waste.

And I’ll bet you came up with a much better version because of this work.

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a question.

I got my Galaxy Watch 6 Classic yesterday. Had to update WFS 1.4.20 … I have a complication in my watchface and selected the complication HR from Shealth. But the HR from Shealth is not displayed.

What complication slot do you have in your project, what complication type and what was your top priority one. I can test these next week once it is released in the US.

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i use:

Small Box Complication

Supported Typ: Short Text

Icon and Text

Text, Title and Icon

Test HR.zip (275.5 KB)

This has been a problem since the Galaxy Watch 4 was released. Nothing looks set to change. Heart Rate Complication only shows BPM value on stock watch faces. Why? Only Samsung developers know. Every other device manufacturer is able to provide fully working Heart Rate Complication.

So the mistake is not with me! Fortunately, there are developers like you @amoledwatchfaces … with your complication apps. Thanks for that!

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Yeah, well, as soon as there is fully working Heart Rate Complication from Samsung I’m unpublishing mine. :smiley: Created it just because there was no other alternative. Also, I paid for some parts of the code as I was not 100% experienced in writing Kotlin and wanted to have it ready quickly. That’s why it’s paid. I’ll most probably switch it to fully free soon as there are other free alternatives which are using Health Services.

It seems to work for me. The permissions for Health Services are off by default you have to enable them, but it worked for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, are you using this Heart Rate Complication app?

We are talking about Samsung Health Heart Rate Complication. That’s why I mentioned Samsung devs.


Yes, I probably am using yours it isn’t in the other Health complications

I forgot I had it.

Samsung Developer Relations

Same, the heart rate complication only display a heart image
Taping in goes to heartrate app
So it behave like a shotcut only.
I did a hack i used that to create a shotcut to heartrate app
But for display of hr i used a separate text box with [hr] tag expression

Then put the text box into the complication group.

But this “hack” only works if personal use.

But that’s not a solution. The user would like to select the HR Complication from Samsung and get the HR displayed, as with the WatchFaces from Samsung. But this does not work. I have some complaints from buyers. They think it’s a mistake from the watchface, but it’s a problem of SHealth and complication. Not everyone wants to buy a paid app to get the HR displayed.

Yup my hack works like that…in my watch i go to hearthrate complication then the hr is displayed if not selected it wont.

Because i group the complication together with the [HR] tag

Before HR complication is selected


After setting complication to heartrate


This works because atleast for my gw5 pro it seem [HR] tag is getting from samsung health. Tested when i manually measured with samsung health the display value is same. And if i set to continuous it will also update continuously.

P.s 1) i first created a image only complication.

  1. Then a text box with [HR] tag.

  2. drag the text box into the image complication.

Modified complication

Only issue is selecting other complication will display also the hr instead of complication data:)