Heart rate complication doesn't display data

Hi @r.liechty_SDR, for some reason I can’t get the heart rate data to show in a complication from my watch face.

I’m using WFS 1.5.7 and I’ve added a “Circle” complication slot, which I’ve configured to only allow Short Text.

Using the Samsung Wearable app on my phone, I can select complications such as Battery or Weather or Steps for this slot, and they all work correctly.

If I select Heart rate via the Wearable app, then it shows the preview with the correct display of this complication, including the “89” dummy data:

However, when I save this, the watch itself (Watch6 Classic) only shows the heart icon but no data:


Conversely, if I add a text field using [HR] then the watch does show the correct heart rate data.

Some of the other complications also do not display their data correctly in this slot either, including Sleep and Stress.

Is this a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong in WFS or on my watch itself?

The Samsung Factory watch faces are able to access the Samsung Health App and are able to show the heart BPM. Others have reported that they it doesn’t show it. A lot of the complications have the Title and Text mixed up for Samsung Health and that may be the reason too.

the [HR\ Tag shows the continuous heart rate for both passive and active states, this is in accordance to Wear user face guidelines. Samsung Health only updates the report every 10 minutes by default when in passive mode.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I can understand that the factory watch faces can “do more stuff” than custom WFS faces we create.

However, the fact that (a) it’s possible to select Heart Rate as a complication for this slot, using the Samsung Wearables app on my phone, and (b) the preview in the Wearables app does show the heart rate dummy data there (see my screenshot above), suggests that it’s expected behaviour that the Heart Rate complication will work in this slot.

Otherwise, I’d have to say it’s a bug that the Wearables app shows the preview correctly when it doesn’t work on the watch itself.

And it’s also a bug that the Wearables app shows Heart Rate as an available complication in the first place. If the Heart Rate complication isn’t supported on custom watch faces, then it shouldn’t be possible to select it in the first place. Right?

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From the GW4 release, heart rate complication was only working on stock watch faces. Every time I asked about it I was referenced to Samsung Privacy Policy and that they can’t provide HR Complication because their Health API is private. HR complication was only working properly on GW4 pre-release units. Now this complication has Heart Rate + Red Icon, previously it only had Red Heart Icon.

They shouldn’t need to use their proprietary Health API, because HEART_RATE_BPM is one of the Data Types provided by Health Services, which WFS faces should be able to access. And that has nothing to do with Samsung Privacy Policies, as it’s a Google service.

In any case, if HR is not supported, then that makes the current behaviour a bug by definition, as I’m describing here: users are able to see HR as a selectable complication, and the preview shows it working, yet it doesn’t actually work. That’s a bug that needs fixing.

…And as I wrote in my OP, some of the other complications also don’t work in a circle slot, including Sleep and Stress. That’s also a bug. :slight_smile:

There are countless discussions about same exact things. You don’t know how many times I asked them to finally support these features because I mainly do watch faces with custom complications :smiley: For some reason, that complication works fully only on stock watch faces.

Stock watches have access to the Samsung Health API. When I read the Samsung Health forum one big complaint is that Samsung does not share all data with Health Connect and probably not to Health Services either.

Also note that sharing with Health Services is something the end user has control over. I think you need to agree to it in the initial set up.

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Good news - I just installed the new firmware R960XXU1AWK4 onto my Galaxy Watch6 Classic, and now the heart rate complication correctly displays the heart rate data!

@amoledwatchfaces confirmed the same at Heart rate and weather as fixed complication providers - #8 by amoledwatchfaces

This proves my point, that it actually was and should have been possible to display this data, that it had nothing to do with Privacy Policies, and that it was in fact a bug.

Great that the devs have finally fixed this!

I noticed that the Sleep complication also now correctly shows its data too, where it wasn’t doing so previously.

Its, not fixed on my gw5 pro though. Wonder gw 5 will be getting any similar updates @r.liechty_SDR ?

Let’s hope Samsung brings out a new firmware for the GW5 soon, then.

@GermanKiwi @Knightwing

The Watch 6 is the first to get the update then Watch5 and Watch4

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