The problem of receiving detailed logs from TV

I am a developer of a React application working with video content. I’m using React Player Component.
The application is a web page, using TizenStudio I wrapped it in a WGT file.
When playing video content with settings (
video resolution: 3840*2160
codec: h264
profile: main
level: 5.1
bitrate: 12M mbit/s
max-bitrate: 16 mbit/s

codec: aac
channel: 2
bitrate: 128 kbit/s

I get a trace. error in the console using SDB:
error hlsError data

  1. {type: “mediaError”, parent: “main”, details: “bufferAppendError”, err: DOMException: Failed to execute ‘appendBuffer’ on ‘SourceBuffer’: The HTMLMediaElement.error attribu…, fatal: false}
  2. details: “bufferAppendError”
  3. err: DOMException: Failed to execute ‘appendBuffer’ on ‘SourceBuffer’: The HTMLMediaElement.error attribute is not null. at t.e.appendExecutor ( at Object.execute ( at t.e.executeNext ( at t.e.append ( at t.e.onBufferAppending ( at u.emit ( at t.l.emit ( at t.l.trigger ( at i.c.bufferFragmentData ( at i.c._handleTransmuxComplete (
  4. fatal: false
  5. parent: “main”
  6. type: “mediaError”
  7. proto: Object

I wrapped the same page in webOS to run the app on my LG TV and it works very good.
Question: how to get more detailed error logs from Samsung TV? Is there some tool or way to achieve this?

TV model:
model code UE43TU7100UXUA
serial number 0D9H3SBR105033N
TVket device ID 000000020ce19295
Software version T-KTSU2DEUC-2501.1
Status code 205001_AC2AD3AE6_J16

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Hope that helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

i want to have instruction how to get lower level logs from TV Samsung.
from my application i have logs, it is the top level logs.

Did you see this System Logs | Tizen Docs

Samsung Developer Relations