Theme Design Rejection Feedback

So wondering how I obtain feedback from the Samsung Theme Designer Review Team - I’m not able to request feedback directly when I have been rejected and, if I’m not provided with any substantial feedback in order to improve, I’m not sure I understand the purpose of the process? I spent days designing specific themes, have applied multiple times over the last three years and receive the same rejection message. This is not cool - maybe its because I’m from the UK? I see the themes on the Theme Store - mine are much clearer and better than some that are on there. I don’t get why Samsung can’t provide real substantial feedback. Does anyone actually get accepted or is this just a ploy to gain more theme ideas?

Being accepted boils down to the sheer volume of applications they receive I think about 10% are approved and they get thousands ever application time.

Not getting any useful information is for several reasons a couple are:

  • Trying to respond to so many people in specific terms would be just too much man power.
  • In many Asian cultures criticizing is very offensive so it is not done.

Samsung Review teams have nothing to do with the product. Samsung is extremely aware of Intellectual Property rights.

Samsung Developer Relations

I understand some may find feedback offensive however you either meet the criteria or you don’t, on what basis are the 10% being accepted and are any from outside the US and Asia? “Design appeal” is surely, by its very nature, down to the subjectivity of each reviewer. As someone with over 300,000 likes on my android theme designs I find it very strange that I don’t meet the Samsung criteria, especially after 9+ attempts over the last 3-4 years. Its a real shame that feedback isn’t provided if requested, how would anyone know if they were close to being in the 10%. If we are all rejected and keep reapplying, surely the odds are less favourable next time?

I doubt it is because you didn’t meet the criteria. I’ve always thought of it as a lottery. Read Tony Morelan’s blog he updates it whenever reviewers changes something. Be sure you have everything and are original. Never submit a photograph and you have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

If you have 300k likes mention it puffery does not hurt.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have applied for a year in a row, and I have done very well, but the reply I get back is the same every time. I don’t know where I have a problem, and I need to redesign every time I apply. I also doubt whether it is to select more sophisticated designers, or to find more and better works as a reference for inspiration.