Question about Partnership Request


Today I received letter that my application was rejected.

The reason was “It is difficult for us to review when application without portfolios is submitted. Successful applications must include your design portfolio. Please submit your various portfolio to show your capability and passion”.

Could someone clarify please what is missing, because I sent 3 themes designs, maybe they weren’t added or couldn’t be opened? We are shown that they are visible in the application we sent. I’m adding them here and I really want to understand why I’m rejected. :frowning:

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

There is a file size limitation when submitting the files so it sounds like the portfolio may not have uploaded.

I don’t know if you can do it now but you can try this, Upload the portfolio to a cloud drive and share that link, in a reply to the rejection. If you don’t hear back submit again using the cloud drive in that application.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you for fast reply, but I think I have shared the link in the application to :frowning:

Here is the picture of what I have send in application.

And the link that we shared :frowning:


Hello Beatrice,

Samsung Developer Program has asked the Theme review team to reconsider your application as your portfolio was in the system.

There may be other reasons for a rejection but not including the portfolio was not one.

Samsung Developer Program