Themes not working on dark mode

Being new as a Galaxy Themes designer and not owning a Samsung smartphone before, I only recently found out that the themes are not working on dark mode. And I found out from customers, who kept asking in comments and emails why the theme isn’t working. I see that this topic was already opened once, more than a year ago and abandoned.
I mean, sure there are apps that have their own dark mode, but the are also apps that take the system’s mode. And not all customers will bother to ask or figure out why the theme isn’t working, they’ll just move on or stop buying/downloading themes.
Shouldn’t this be taken seriously?

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I have asked for dark mode to add theming ability ever since it came out. There was a certain version of the GTS that accidentally added that and people loved it. I got many reviews from people being happy that it was added.

With the release of the Material You capabilities I was optimistic that they would add it this year but no luck yet :frowning:

Yes ist normal. Themes in Dark Mode switch to default colors, only Icons, the Homescreen and Lockscreen and maybe the Keyboard are maintained

Yes, we know that. The point of this discussion is that themes working in dark mode should be implemented.

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I think they will never implement it, because of Google Restrictions

Why would Google put restrictions on the freedom of themes working on dark mode/

Samsung’s Theme Park (a theme customization free app) was able to use dark mode and icons for third party apps.
I don’t see why, that plain idea, is presented to us like something so impossible and so out of reach. It feels like we’re so stupid just because we dare to ask