Actually Bugs in Galaxy Themes

Themes are always rejected with unsolvable issues. Troubleshooting is not possible. The developers write that the problems will be fixed with the next firmware, app or tool update.

It is a very frustrating situation,which is also reflected negatively on sales. And its a shame that the Developers implement with each new Update, new Issue, which were not exists before.

I collect the most known Issues and will add further errors

1. Bixby routines > Add routine > Select ‘+’ > Place > Confirm pop-up > Select input field > Check screen / indicator bar & search field (This Issue must fixed in Bixby Routine App, because it’s not programmed correctly for Theme Support, the Color Strings are missing!)

2. Dark Mode On > Contacts > More menu > Check the screen
(This Issue must fixed in Theme Tool for Dark Mode, because the 9.Png Dialog Image has wrong patched lines wrong)

3. Hold mode on/off > Lock-screen / Check the indicator bar (This Issue must fixed in Firmware, because it don’t change the Indicator Bar to Dark Icons, if the animated Lockscreen has a white background)

4. Settings > Advanced features > Send SOS mesages > ON > Check the screen (This Issue must fixed in Settings Apk, because it contains a other Color String on Galaxy Fold, as provided in Tool)

5. Contacts > More menu > Manage contacts (This Issue must fixed in Contacts App, because some published Version of Contacts use a other BG Color String

6. Setting > Sounds and vibration > Sound quality and efects > Swipe down screen and check
(This Issue must fixed in Theme Tool, the String “rounded” ValueType=“BgImage” must be deleted! So why wrotes the Support, they are unable to fix it with the Tool? Thats definitly wrong!

7. Clock > Timer > Ongoing (This Issue must fixed in Theme Tool or Clock App, Theme Tool must used 2 different Colors for Circle BG Color (Tab unselected Color) and for Ongoing BG (Tab Selected Color), because Clock Package doesn’t support Opacity for Circle BG Color yet!)

If the Other Designers find more Issue, provide please the Screenshots in this Thread and the Steps.

Issue which are solved in Feature, will be marked.



Issue 1: If a theme was saved in a previous editor with a custom Font (Common -> Font -> Numeric/Clock), then it is now set to “Not Assigned” when opened with the new editor. The font must be selected again manually.

Impact: All existing themes will require fonts be manually re-selected. Besides taking an incredible amount of time to do, it is difficult to know exactly which font was used previously.

Requested Solution: Retain the existing font selections from previous tool versions, instead of losing them and requiring re-selection.

Issue 2: All existing themes are missing a Drop down menu (Common -> Drop down menu -> Background) 9-patch image, if applicable. In the previous tool versions, this image was imported and linked to the Dialog (Common -> Dialog -> Background) section. It is no longer linked, and is now missing the asset.

Impact: All existing themes will require Drop down menu be manually added. This will take a lot of time.

Requested Solution: Retain the previous functionality where the asset for Drop down menu was linked to the Dialog box.

Issue 3: If you had “Image” chosen for Switches (Common -> Controls -> Switches -> Switch), then it is now selecting “Color”.

Impact: All existing themes will require Image be re-selected manually. This will take a lot of time.

Requested Solution: Allow for the tool to recognize that “Image” was previously selected for existing themes, not Color.

Fantastic documentation Alex thanks for pulling this all together!

thanks @Jon to adding these Issues too

thanks @Redacted

Notice, i know how the Issue all can fix very fast within few minutes, but they don’t want to let me in the developer team :frowning:

holy caw now those are issues for witch they easy reject question is:were the hack i need to go an download the theme studio as i open from the seller portal and trow me to an page were doesn’t show an button or link to download it like before.could someone point me into the right direction?

found it finally never mind.

I got a response from Samsung PSS. These three bugs will be fixed in a tool update.