Tizen studio 4.1 chrome debugging

In the latest Tizen studio, the tizen 5.5 and 6.0 emulators doesn’t load the chrome debugging tools when tapping on the debugging button. This also happens on actual devices with tizen 5.5 like the GW3 and GW Active 2.

It gets stuck on “running the application” and I have to close and reopen Tizen Studio. I’m forced to use tizen studio 4 until this is fixed.

PS: Tizen Stidio 4 can run chrome debugging tools on 5.5 emulator but cannot on actual devices with tizen 5.5

Please check it out

I think you will need to report this to the Tizen.org You can open a Samsung Developer Support request and they may be able to forward it on to the Tizen Team

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you very much Ron! I’ll do that

Hi @GS_Watchfaces , Did you had a solution for that bug? Same occurs for me.

Hi @NOWAPP, I have reported this issue to Samsung since January, I was contacted by a representative asking me for some more info and complete silence since then. I even sent another email a week ago, asking them if they did anything but didn’t get an answer. The issue ticket is still open though.

I couldn’t find a fix for this so I use the older version of Tizen Studio and also use chromium 87.0.4280.141 instead of chrome that works as expected and doesn’t auto update. I also don’t update my galaxy watch to Tizen 5.5 as this will render it unusable.

I hope that it will be fixed in the next version.

@GS_Watchfaces Thanks for the response. I opened a new case for that also. Hope to be fixed soon. Cause I need to debug with 5.5 version. Some functions are not working in new versions.

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