Tizen test project for Samsung TV

Hi! I am creating a PDF and comic book reader for Samsung TV using Tizen Studio 5.1 on Windows 10. When I try to make the test project that should upload the application for TV, the project list is empty. Might be something with the config-file, I tried some stuff but nothing helped. Now when I tried to connect my TV to Tizen again, it doesn’t allow it even when the IP and port should be right. I did turn on the developer mode earlier on the TV, do I have to do that every time I turn on the TV? I would want to avoid using the USB stick, it’s somewhat difficult to access the back side of the television. If I have to try with USB, it should be just about naming the file widget.wdg and NTFS formatted USB stick is fine? The television is ue55tu7075uxxc if it matters. I hope somebody would help me and sorry if this question is in a wrong place. Th

See the FAQs on Installation and Application Testing.

You should not need to reset the Develoiper Mode It stays on.

You can’t install a .wgt using a USB you have to do an image or something read the FAQ.

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