Tizen TV Emulator Not Launching (HAXM not Detected)

Has any solutions for this problem?
I has this error on macOS Monterey, on intel processor.

And I can’t install Tizen SDK on M1 processor.

See this prerequisites (you can ignore the JDK as it is included in Tizen Studio now)

And read this Blog on installing on macOS Big Sur. The last I heard it worked on Monterey as well…

The AMD issue is a graphics issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello! Based on the prereqs you provided, does that mean you do not support Monterey at this time? Is there a timeline in when we should expect that compatibility?

Based on this doc, Emulator,
The HAXM driver is installed during the Tizen SDK installation. How can we confirmed this? Why would it still ask for HAX?

Please open a Developer Support Request as a Tizen Studio not a Smart TV issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

Same here.


I met this problem on my windows system.

The error is:
Fail to launch emulator:w-0630-1
Your system cannot support HW virtualization
Try install KVM(Ubuntu) or HAX(windows or Mac)

I have windows 64 bit system. intel(R) Core™ i7-8550U cpu @ 1.80GHz 2.00GHz
i have already turned virtualization on in BIOS

Any help is appreciated!!!

What is your video card?
I’m not sure if the AMD is compatible or not it was not last year but they were working on it.
This is a note I have
In the Emulator Manager turn CPU VT on.
If you can’t
Go in to the bios and switch on support for intel virtual machine support. After that you can switch on the CPU VT feature

Samsung Developer Relations

Also can you be sure you have the TV Emulator not the Wearable emulator. Looking at the w I think you may be launching the wearable one.


Get the issue from My Mac M1.

Any solution. Please


Me too. Any help would be grateful.

Got response from SamSung team. They said: “currently Tizen Studio emulator not supporting in Mac m1 machine. There are no plans for this year to support it”

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So, how in their opinion, we should test our apps?

So, the way to get this to work on Mac OS is:

  • Do not Google and install HAXM from the Web
  • Instead, go into tizen-studio/tools/emulator/etc/ and open the IntelHAXM dmg in there
  • Install the package. If Mac OS gives you trouble, go through System Preferences → Privacy & Security to override and allow the installation.
  • IMPORTANT: After installing, you need to do the same for the Kernel Extension that this installed. Through System Preferences → Privacy & Security, look for a message saying that some software needs attention, open the dialog and confirm. You will then need to restart.
  • If you don’t see this, try again after running this Terminal command: sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/intelhaxm.kext

Only now, the Intel HAXM extension that comes with Tizen Studio, is loaded, and your emulators can run.

Document this, Samsung.

Your solution will only work on Macs with Intel CPUs. Intel HAXM isn’t supported on Apple CPUs:

I gave up on the emulators. Spent hours trying to get one running on macOs M1 and also Windows AMD Ryzen CPU.

So I finally figured out how to use the Remote Test Lab. (Which is tricky to get going, especially understanding how to set up the certificate for the remote devices - They should just provide a list of all the DUIDs. Very, very slow dev/test process though. But you eventually get the hang of it. And it was helpful to see exactly what TV models have issues. Mostly due to EXTREMELY old versions of Chrome running inside them.

(I bought a new Samsung TV to test on recently. But discovered it’s running Tizen 4.0 - which only runs Chrome 56 !! So many useful Javascript and CSS stuff is missing compared to modern standards.)