Tizen TV Emulator Not Launching (HAXM not Detected)

Emulator Manager cannot launch the TV emulator (platform: tv-samsung-5.5-x86) on my Mac, getting the error message:

Failed to launch emulator: T-samsung-5.5-x86

Your system cannot support HW virtualization. Try install KVM (ubuntu) or HAX (windows or Mac)

The emulator was working before on this computer.

I updated the packages via Package Manager. HAXM was also installed. Recently, I had ugraded to macOS BigSur (Version 11.0.1)

Has enyone encountered the same issue? Thanks in advance!

As far as I know Tizen Studio does not work with macOS Big Sur version I’m surprised you got this to work at all.

There is an update for Tizen 4 due out hopefully this week or next that fixes the Big Sur issue watch for that and see if that fixes the emulator issue as well.

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Thank you Ron. Actually I only tried launching the emulator in Emulator Manager, didn’ try to start Tizen Studio.