Tizen Studio 4.1 now works on Big Sur!

I just got Tizen Studio working on Big Sur, running on an Intel iMac!

This is a good start, but I am still facing serious problems and need help (this is probably related to not using Tizen Studio for more than half a year…)

  • during installation, it asked for permission to install Intel HAXM - I have heard that this is not compatible with M1 Mac? Those using M1 Mac might want to be cautions.
  • during installation, it cannot install over existing Tizen Studio and Tizen Studio data directories. So I backup those and now facing issues…
  • during installation, the Package Manager pops up - what should I install? As a watch only developer, I installed 4.0 and 6.0, is that enough? Do I need to install 5.5/5.0/3.0/2.3.2/2.3.1/2.3?

Anyway, right now I can’t run the app, when run as web app, nothing happened (no simulator popping up).

Any advices are welcome!

I don’t have a Mac so can’t help on that but Tizen is Backwards compatible, so you don’t need the latest version.

I would not install the Tizen 6 as there is no compatible watch devices and in my opinion the emulators never quite work right with new versions.
I would install Tizen 4 it is compatible with all unless you are accessing certain Health sensor information.

If you run as a Web App it opens the emulator be sure in the package manager Extensions SDK that the Samsung Wearable Extension is installed. I believe that is necessary for the Wearable emulator.

When you run as Web App it runs on the emulator, not the simulator.

If you can open the Emulator Manager can you launch an emulator?

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Thanks! And you are most helpful. Hope you can help me out on this.

Following your advice, I now get emulator working! I did that by replacing the Tizen studio data folder by the old version. But I am still facing with final issue: do a signed build (so that I can upload).

Now I am faced with the final issue - the certificates thing. (Attached the screenshot)

To be honest, our setup was all done by an ex-engineer who is no longer available, and the upgrade of Tizen Studio has always been smooth (as we just upgrade via Package Manager), but now, except for upgrade to Big Sur and Tizen Studio 4.1, all the needed files are still in the same machine… how shall I set these up?


You should be able to open the Certificate manager and import the certificates. If you are just doing new content then you can just create new author and distributor certificates

Be sure to create a Samsung Tizen Distributor and Author certificate not a Tizen certificate.

If you import the certificates you will need to know the old password.

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I think here’s the problem: I might have issues with the password. This probably means I can’t maintain current content then.

Yes you need the Author Certificate password to update content in the store and to build the .tpk file. You can create your own Author Certificate and Distributor file and password but you can’t change anything on the store.

The previous developer may have saved the password somewhere on the computer we tell everyone to make at least on copy on the computer and on a flash drive or something.

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Unfortunately it is not possible. The developer left behind this folder, and tell us to replace the files, if cannot, then probably we can’t develop further using existing account. Thanks for all the help though.

Unless he stored the password n the .pub file you can not modify anything on the store. If this is a free app or not on the store then just create new .author.p12 snd distributor.p12 files.

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Emulator still not working, it’s can’t detect HAXM


Yes you need that for the emulator to work, and not all processors support it. Apple may have removed it from Big Sur.

You can submit a support request and they may be able to help you. Also check stack overflow and Tizen.org community I think there is some help there.