Unable to start emulator manager in Mac OS 11.4

when I try to open the emulator manager I got the below issue, see the attached screenshot.



I tried different ways to open the emulator manager,

one of them is trying through terminal, I got the error that time too, see the screenshot.

followed both java sdk and open sdk plus javafx as in the url Prerequisites for Tizen Studio | Tizen Docs and OpenJDK 12 and OpenJFX installation guide | Tizen Docs

I have java sdk when doing java -version i got java version "1.8.0_301"

Please help me in opening the emulator manager. Thanks in advance for any help.

I am actually trying to enable the internet connection in emulator, through emulator manager.

I answered in the other thread first.

You should not need any external Java for the emulator, Tizen 4.x has Java JDK as part of it and will find the JRE in that path.

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thanks ron,

As you mentioned , to move the topic to smart TV forum , I moved the topic here.

emulator manager is not working on both the MAC OS 11.4 and MAC OS 10.14.6(Mojave).

Only working in windows.

I like to test in 2017 year TV emulator, is there any way, I downloaded the old version v3.1.2 , binary from archive Smart TV - Build | Samsung Developers , don’t know how to proceed from it.

thanks in advance for any help

I"m not sure why you need the older emulator, My understanding is that Samsung Smart TV’s 2016 and up are updated to the latest Tizen version.

The issue is macOS Big Sur just considers JAVA Runtime a security risk so it won’t run the older Extensions either.

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Thanks Ron, I have three machines,

  1. One with Mac os big sur
  2. Second with Mac mojavae
  3. Third windows PC

In all the above three machines , I am unable to test in the older emulator or I don’t know how to setup the older emulator,

if you know how to setup older emulator in new tizen studio , could u help me with the steps?

In both the macos machines , I am unable to launch the emulator manager itself(I mentioned this in another thread)

Why I need to test in older emulator? Answer is we like to support our app in older version also from 2017.

Thanks again for your help

I don’t know if you can build for Tizen 6 (which the TVs are updated too) and run the app in the older emulator.
To Run the emulators be sure you have the older Java 8 in both the Windows and Mac Mojave they won’t run with the newer Java. I’m not sure if you need the 32 bit Java in Windows or 64 bit version I don’t remember if TS 3.1.x was 64 bit but I think it was. (all Mac versions are).

Good luck on Big Sur on the Mac it is a real pain. I think anyone that gets it to work runs Windows on the Mac Big Sur.

This isn’t my area so take what I say with a skeptic approach it may be off and my memory surely is. The notes for the old Tizen Smart TV was on a previous forum.

Samsung Developer Relations

As you said , older TVs are updated to use latest tizen sdk.

That means the web engine is also updated to the latest version.

Hopefully there won’t be a WebKit engine which was in the 2016 model as in https://developer.samsung.com/smarttv/develop/specifications/web-engine-specifications.html PFA screenshot

My objective is: I need to check my app is working on older web engines( in config.xml , I am mentioning supported version as 2.4) , standing correct?

if those TVs are updated to latest web engines, then there is no need for testing in older versions of emulator or tv.

Is my understanding correct?

I believe so but again this is not my area of expertise. I hope someone else will chime in if you are incorrect.