Tizen notification - emulator work, real device not

Hi, I am testing simply local notification, there i my code. I have notification privilegies and when I try on emulator - work perfect. When deploy to my samsung galaxy watch - not working, no error.

using Tizen.Applications.Notifications;

namespace Test
public partial class MainPage : CirclePage

    public MainPage()

    public void testNoti()
            Notification noti = new Notification
                Title = "Test",
                Content = "content"

        catch (Exception err)
            DisplayAlert("Error", "error: "+ err, "OK");

edit: I see this notification in notification panel, but I suppose, that when notification shows up, it should be confirm by user.

Hello mommek90,
What type of confirmation do you expect from the user? Would you please share little bit more detail on that?

Sure, I suppose, that notification is Title + Text message, which is appear on your screen and you need to click “OK” or something like that, to close this notification.

This code just create notification on background, nothing shows up when you have open this app.

Hi @mommek90,
Notification will not show in your app, it will show with pop up only.

Here is notification related Tizen guide-