(How) is it possible to add my application to system notification?

On Tizen Wearable, when I copy images from phone to watch, after the operation is finished there is a notification which applies an Open app button:

(How) can I achieve the same if all below are true:

  • I do have my own application on the Android which posts a notification and
  • I do receive notifications from my Android application on my watch (automatically - by Samsung)
  • I do have my own application on my watch (which should open on that Open app button click)

Can I do this somehow with Native C/C++?

Hello danergo,
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If you’re trying to create a notification with a button, you may follow this link, and then you may register an action to open the required app on the button click event.
Hope it’ll help.

Thank you.

Hi, @ssaha, thanks for your reply.

I must be a bit unclear but I’ll try to rephrase: so I don’t want to create a new notification.

However, every time when my watch receives a notification over Bluetooth from the phone, I want to update (modify) that notification. Currently (by default) there is a button on these notifications: “Show on phone”. When I press this button my application (which posted the nofitication) will open on the phone.

I want to change this “Show on phone” button to “Open app”, and want to be able to open my Tizen application which is installed on the watch.

Hi danergo,
Apology for the delayed response.
If you want to open your app with a click on a system button, you need to have authority to access system level codes. Unfortunately, 3rd party developers do not have any right to change the codes at system level.

Thank you.

To view data by your own app - in this case pictures by tizen gallery - you can try to add handler for operation view for image mimes. After installing this app Tizen os should allow user to choose an app to handle specific operations like view a picture. Summary: after click ‘Open app’ you will be able to choose your app to view an image.

Read more about application cotrolls Application Controls | Tizen Docs

Thanks for your reply. However I don’t want to open images, I want the system to forward MY Android app’s notifications to MY Tizen app. That’s all.

Let’s consider this: I’m out for running, without the phone. My watch is “connected remotely” to my phone (via LTE).

My android app fires a notification on the phone, and Samsung takes care of this notification to reach my watch (while I’m still out for running and the watch is far-far away from the phone).

In this case, Watch will show me the notification with a button “Show on phone”, which makes no sense, as my phone is far. But that’s fair for most of the notifications.

However my Android app also has a companion Tizen app, so the watch could show a button: “Open app”, which can open my Tizen app Directly from this notification.

But it seems there is no way reaching this functionality at all. (at least no easy way, i.e. I can do my very own notification forwarder server, and watch service, and android service, but I’d feel lame)

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. I am looking for the same content you shared. Please keep sharing this type of post ahead.

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