Tizen Web App:CSS Transitions/Transforms lag after opening and closing another App

while developing a Tizen Web App (using a HG50ET690UB as a test device) we noticed that our app starts to lag after launching and closing another app like the ScreenMirroring app multiple times. After investigating this lags we found that neither cpu or ram usage nor the number of open apps has increased when the lags start to appear. Furthermore the elements in the DOM and the number of events bound onto those was constant.

Further investigation led us to the realization that only the CSS transitions and transforms we used were lagging. With this knowledge we created a minimal reproducible example in which the lag is visible.

Has anybody seen this behavior and knows how to mitigate it or can someone reproduce it?

Just install the following wgt. Use up and down to execute the animation and return to launch the ScreenMirroring app. After opening and closing it at least ten times the lag should be noticible.
Animation.zip (53.5 KB)

Thank you for your help.