Tizen Studio build for Web App takes 30 mins

I installed Tizen Studio 4.1 on MacOS Big Sur over the weekend to build a Tizen Web App for Smart TVs.
I had no problems building my app with Tizen Studio 3.7 on Catalina, but since my upgrade to 4.1 and Big Sur, the “Build before launch” step takes forever, sometimes up to 45 minutes.

I already searched a lot, but non of the suggestions I found for similar problems with Eclipse had an effect for me (disabling validators, increasing memory in eclipse.ini etc.).

I also rebooted several times, and completely reinstalled Tizen Studio, unfortunately without any effect.

I’d be really thankful for any idea of how to proceed.

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Hi Fas,

Are you still having this issue? I have not seen any bug reports of this. My thought is you are trying to access something from the cloud. The only other thing I can think of is you don’t have enough memory and it is paging a lot.

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Hi Ron,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, we still have this issue, yes.
However, we don’t access anything from the cloud, but simply want to build the the app from an existing JS bundle. The bundle has 18.4 MB, so it’s not the smallest, but everything was running smoothly with Tizen Studio 3.7 on Catalina.
So the only two things that changed are the Tizen Studio and the macOS versions.
Both my colleagues who tried to build everything on their now upgraded systems experienced the same problems, unfortunately.
Our machines have sufficient memory (16 GB), and we tried changing the eclipse.ini config to allow for more memory usage:

Our bundle contains React code, packaged by Webpack. Is it possible that this is a problem of JS code validation?

We now use the CLI to build and install the app. This works fine, so it really seems to be a problem with Tizen Studio.
The only drawback now is that I couldn’t find a way to attach a debugger to the app via CLI.

Hi Fas,

I don’t have any solution for you, did you try the Tizen CLI documentation?
and SDB documentation?

Hope those help,

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