Tizen web back functionality removes the dynamically added components

Hello, I have a problem with the Tizen web app back functionality. The default back behavior is window.history.back()

Please refer to the below screen. the time bar time added by javascript.

the time added screen → Screen A
next screen → Screen B

after the app opens, I navigate from A to B. then back. no issue.
Again navigate from A to B. then back again. now error happened.

error is dynamically added time removed and there is no time there. just the purple color background. The issue happened the second time back. Anyone can please help me?



You can implement your own back functionality instead using the following,


Get more about this here, Event Handling | Tizen Docs

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yeah. actually i implemented custom functionality using tau.changePage() function when back event triggering. but I don’t know is the correct way to accomplish this.