Galaxy A71 5G Camera Support Issues

I recently got a Galaxy A71 5G. There is a lot of issues with camera support, I will just make a list:

  • Camera2 API does not report all of the devices cameras. It only reports the back and front cameras. The Depth camera, Wide camera, and Macro camera are not reported.
  • Camera2 API image formats don’t all 100% work, namely the RAW_SENSOR.
  • The product page advertises a “5MP Depth Camera” however there is no depth stream reported.
  • Camera2 API does not report the back camera to have a 64MP (9248x6936) resolution. It reports a max resolution of 16MP (4624x3468)

I have searched for a Samsung Camera SDK, but it seems it was discontinued and I can no longer acquire it. How do I solve these problems? Is it up to someone who made the kernel? Will Samsung fix these once they update their phones to Android 11?

You should use the Android camera API now.

Samsung Developer Program

Alright. When will Samsung fix the issues with the Android Camera API that I mentioned?

Also I have made a GitHub repository for the camera app I am working on. It’s some modifications on an open source camera app called open camera. The default camera app seemed kinda sad to be honest, it doesn’t allow RAW capture or anything.

It seems in the latest update released on November 18th/16th (I forgot which day) 2020 has fixed the issue with the raw camera stream in my app. Still, no depth stream or 64MP resolution support to my knowledge.