Tracker 'Food" Tile not updated


When I post food data with Samsung health sdk, the data appear in samsung health but the “Food” tile do not update.

The “Weight Management” tile update correctly, and the info in the “Food” screen are also correct.

Is there a way to force the food tile to update ? Is it a know bug ?
Do I have to use a different data type (I use HealthConstants.Nutrition.HEALTH_DATA_TYPE)


Hi Michael,
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Have you added “” permission in manifest file?
If so then we need details information about your implementation to assist you. Please contact through Developer Support to get assistance for your issue.
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Thanks for your reply.

The permission is present.
The data are correctly set in samsung health, it’s only the food tile that do not update.

I will try to contact developer support.

For the record I get an answer from Samsung support :

There is a know bug about this from version 6.9.
Version 6.11 should fix it, and should be released in August.