Unable to run app on TV via Tizen

Running Tizen Studio on 2019 MacBook Pro, Big Sur. Wanting to deploy onto Samsung TV AU9000 the Analog Watch Sample Tutorial for testing purposes.

I’ve managed to run the app locally as a Web Simulator TV Application.
I have also managed to connect to the Samsung TV via the Device Manager, and created a certificate and I can successfully upload the certificate to the TV via ‘Permit to install applications’.

However, when I try to run the application from Tizen Studio onto the TV, using ‘Run As… Tizen Web Application’, I get the following logs and error:

Launching the Tizen application...
# If you want to see the detailed information,
# please set the logging level to DEBUG in Preferences and check the log file in '/Users/tawfika/tizen-studio/tizen-studio-data/ide/logs/ide-20221025_195736.log'.

[Initializing the launch environment...]
    RDS: Off
    Target information: UE43AU9000KXXU
    Application information: Id(jRcKGSUjtH.AnalogWatchSampleTutorial), Package Name(jRcKGSUjtH), Project Name(AnalogWatchSampleTutorial)
[Transferring the package...]
    Transferred the package: wgt stream -> /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/AnalogWatchSampleTutorial.wgt
[Installing the package...]

install jRcKGSUjtH.AnalogWatchSampleTutorial
package_path /home/owner/share/tmp/sdk_tools/tmp/AnalogWatchSampleTutorial.wgt
app_id[jRcKGSUjtH.AnalogWatchSampleTutorial] install start
app_id[jRcKGSUjtH.AnalogWatchSampleTutorial] install failed[118, -19], reason: Parsing error : 
spend time for wascmd is [383]ms
    An exception occurred
(Installing the package... > Fail)
An exception occurred
Unexpected stop progress...
(2.386 sec)

Can anyone explain what’s going wrong?

Hi. Any help on this? Thanks!


Since no one responded, I would suggest you open this as a FAQ & Q/A under the most appropriate topic on the Smart TV Seller Office site . They can help you better there.

Samsung Developer Relations

@r.liechty_SDP I created a support ticket last week but no one has responded for over 7 days. https://developer.samsung.com/dashboard/support/43272 Why is my question going unanswered?

You asked in the wrong place. The developer support does not do TV Support so they just have to refer it.

sign in to the TV Seller Office and open a Smart TV Seller Support Request They will have a form that includes information that will help them help you.

Samsung Developer Relations