Unable to send watchface. "ClockFace not installed"

Currently i am having a problem where I have made a watchface that I want to test on my phone’s cover screen with the help of the clockface plugin to convert or create watchfaces to be usable on cover screens.


Now i was able to find my device with wireless debugging but it states “ClockFace not installed”. I had good lock with the clockface plugin installed before creating the watchface, but it just displays the message and I am unable to send the application to my device.

Is there a known fix for this?

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You can try to connect your Flip5 phone with your PC using Cable. This will not cause the issue.
If the issue occurs, please re-launch the WFS tool.

Thanks, but I have tried to connect with both wifi and cable. Both give the same message, I have also relaunched the software multilple times and restarted both my pc and phone once, to no avail.

Can you please check again on your GoodLock app, is the ClockFace app present there or not?
I have found an exception that the ClockFace app may be inactive or removed from the GoodLock app if don’t use it for a long time. Please check on your phone and try again.
If the issue remains please share it here.
I am sharing the Good Lock code lab, if it may help you in some way: Customize Flex Window using Good Lock plugin on Watch Face Studio | Samsung Developer

Yes, i can but i have re-installed it multiple times before with no change to the message. Even just having the clockface open on my phone doesn’t make the message dissappear. And i have searched the internet and found multiple links including that one for the application but that didn’t help. It still states that the application is not installed and that is why i am posting here

Could you please reproduce this issue and share the log file of WFS?

The path of the log file is given below:
Windows : C:\Users{User}\AppData\Roaming\watchfacestudio\dump\main
macOS: /Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/watchfacestudio/dump/main

Sorry for the late response. I have also gotten in touch with support and they asked the same thing, so here is the log from the last time I used it which I also uploaded in the support thread, where I was told they didn’t find anything. The issue still persists, but this log file was from a week ago.
main.log (231.5 KB)