Unable to sync bookmarks from Chrome to Samsung browser

I’m trying to sync my Chrome bookmarks to the Samsung Browser app on my Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite. I’ve downloaded the extension to Chrome, set Samsung Browser to sync with Samsung Cloud, and signed in to Samsung Cloud in the Browser and the Extension [by using the option to login with my Google account].

I clicked on the extension and imported the bookmarks using the ‘Add’ option. If I click on the ‘Chrome Bookmarks’ folder in the image I can see all the bookmarks. However the loading/syncing circle [in place of the Samsung logo in the top left] then goes on indefinitely [I have left it for several hours]. When I click off and back on the extension the circle no longer goes round, and the Chrome bookmarks are still visible on the folder, but nothing appears under the 'Samsung bookmarks:

Nothing also appears on my Samsung Cloud. On Samsung Browser no bookmarks show, even when I have ensure ‘Sync with Samsung Cloud’ is on in the settings and have also manually selected ‘Sync now’.

How do I make my Chrome bookmarks accessible on my Samsung Browser app?

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