Unity IAP Error: "Items can no longer be purchased in your country"


I am using the latest Unity IAP SDK but every request I make returns:

Items from apps downloaded in the Galaxy Store can no longer be purchased in your country.

Why is this? I am in Cyprus and Galaxy store works as expected for me.

How is it supposed to be tested?

I was told that you will need to use a VPN from another country to test. Not all countries are included in the Open Beta Testing

Samsung Developer Relations

I have tried Proton VPN but it did not helped.
I have tried reinstalling the build to avoid caching issues but with no luck.
Would be great to know exactly how Samsung SDK detects country.

The SDK doesn’t test it the Seller Portal checks…
Through an IP address alone, a company can determine not only in which country a user is located, but also the state, city, and postal code-globally

By using VPN I mean changing your “location” to the US

Samsung Developer Relations