How to get the country code of the store you use

I will be distributing the app globally, and users can purchase IAP products in various countries
There is no problem with IAP verification at all with IAP’s guide, but we don’t know which country the user made the purchase from (which store they use)
Is there any way to collect information about the country where the user made the purchase or the country of the store you are using?
I’d like to collect it from unity, unreal SDK


Is this Games or is this an Android App and are you using Samsung IAP?

I believe GSS breaks it down to countries. I don’t know much about the Galaxy Store API but I believe that would be of use.

Give me some more information and I will know who to ask or what to direct you to for answes.

Samsung Developer Relations

Game (Android App) and uses samsung IAP
Is there no way to get the country code directly from the client using IAP?

They can call this API endpoint from the client with the returned purchaseID to get the country code: Samsung IAP Server API | Samsung Developer

Samsung Developer Relations

countryCode exists only at the endpoint that checks subscription.
Does the verification endpoint also deliver the country code?

I saw Check Subscription Status has the country code

You may need to create a support request for more details

Samsung Developer Relations