"Update your watch face to continue receiving complication support"

Hi All,

I’m getting this notification on Google Play for some of my watch faces.
“Update your watch face to continue receiving complication support”

Here is the message:
Complications containing user data will not be available on faces created with the Wearable Device Support Library and AndroidX face APIs in newer versions of Wear OS.
To ensure users can continue to use the complications on your face, update the face to use the Watch Face Format. Dials created with the Watch Face Format require less maintenance and updates. You can create your face using XML or Watch Face Studio.

Is there anyone getting this message?
How can I solve this problem? Is the new WFS 1.6.9 Beta can fix this notification?

Thank you.

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Though 1.5.7 already is watch face format?

No, they made with 1.4.7 version

Hi. It’s just a notification. All projects rebuilt using WFS 1.4.20 already use Watch Face Format.



Hope you are doing well. I have been away for around 3 months due to health issues. Age itself is a disease.

I am getting this complication support error on most of watchfaces. All of my watchfaces were made in older watchface studio 1.13.13 .

Do i have to update them with newer WFS version. Or would it be possible to resolve this error of complications support from older WFS.

if it cant be solved with this WFS version i mentioned do i upgrade to which version 1.14.20 Stable or 1.6.9 Beta.

Please see my screenshots. I have Watch 5 Pro on March Security latest update and it is paired with Samsung S24 Ultra running one UI 6.1.

My watchface running is made in 1.13.12 version.
And All complications seem to run fine via watch and also wearable app.

Thanks in Advance for help regarding this please.

Where you got the message? On the Google Play Console?

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Yes , dear friend i have recieved it on nearly all of them in play console inbox as messages as shown in screenshot.

Although I checked my watchfaces they are working as intended at the moment with no issues with complications directly on watch and wearable app also working fine.

It is as Tomas (amoledwatchfaces) has already explained. This is general information that everyone has received.

However, you should recompile your dials with at least WFS 1.4.20. This is the version from which WFS uses the watch face format (WFF) mentioned above.


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We are pressured to update our watch faces but 1.4.20 and above still have the issue of fonts being cut off. Five WFS versions in 10 months but this issue haven’t been addressed. I just hope this will be fix soon and not wait for another 6 months for a new version.

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I believe font issue is fixed in 1.6.9 with watch software update.