Complications working in wearable app

i can customize complications in the wearable app again

You sure? I have no update on the app. Anyway not wearing my watch now… will test later

im surely sure. i didnt see any updates either, & i been checking every day. but tonite they just showed up in the app & i can edit them again

Watch face made in WFS 1.4.20 / 1.5.7?

I don’t think this was fixed server-side.


Hope you have got the Galaxy Wearable update. Could you please share the Galaxy Wearable version and Galaxy Watch manager version?
Thank you

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those last 4 digits in the version number never changed, nor has the update date in the play store. galaxy store shows they updated dec 8 but it was still broken after that.

Need to update within the wearable app…
For me click the gear button then about. There will be a update button.

Weird its not updatable from google play

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It appears to be fixed with Galaxy Watch5 Plugin
version from Dec 10

Still no confirmation for Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch6


Confirmed on Pro 5, However it was not an auto update I had to click on the menu icon as it had a notification and then it was a quick update to the Galaxy Watch5 manager.

Galaxy Watch6 manager was not updated.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Galaxy Watch4 Plugin update should be available now.


Only GW6 left.

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Hi Tomas, what is the purpose of this plugin? sorry, i’m lazy to back read. Thanks!

Hi @Ballozi , complication can be choosen /customised using samsung wearable app. There was a bug where complication couldnt be selected from app only watch

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Hi, what i dont understand if its wearable app issue why there is 3 apps version one for each watch?

Should the fixed be change of api (google) and one app upgrade should fixed for all watch link to the app?

I see. Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know why Samsung uses two/three separate apps. Seems like Galaxy Wearable is “frontend” and Watch 4/5/6 Plugin is backend (where magic happens to connect watch to your phone)

Plugin is critical part, without it it’s not possible to connect watch to to phone and it appears it’s also responsible for handling data flow. (Save watch face configuration → send it to watch → watch face takes it and renders updated layout)


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Thanks for this info Tomas. Do we have an alternative? Or it’s time now to engage in another tool like the WFF to make the user experience better? Because I’m tired of receiving bad reviews with issues not related to watch faces.

Unfortunately not. WFS 1.4.20 and up = WFF. And on watches, DWF is responsible for rendering our watch faces now. Google has its own DWF and Samsung too. They both have some issues right now. This is what I highlighted few weeks ago in another post as negative point.

Were giving almost all control away to Google / Samsung regarding watch face code. This wouldn’t be bad if everything was working as expected.

When there is an issue, two things happen for sure:

  1. User mostly thinks its watch face issue
  2. It takes very long time for Samsung/ Google to fix their issues. ( for example, it took Samsung two months to release fixed Watch Plugin and it still isn’t available for their latest Watch 6 model)

I think what needs to be done is to make DWF separate app - updatable from Play Store. This way they can push updates and fixes more frequently.

Right now we need to wait for security/ firmware updates.