Upload error with new version

You are truly a saint…
Downgrade success, but I can’t build because I have three strings. Should I delete all strings?

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3 strings under “appLabel”? If so then yeah.
As long as appLabel becomes a single string instead of an object it should work.

from there if you’re still getting crashes a good way to figure out what’s causing the issue is to compare a project’s honeyface.json from the older watchfacestudio with the honeyface.json from the beta version.

Example (Left: 1.4.13 Beta, Right: 1.3.13):

As far as I can tell the crash causing line should only be appLabel as it tries to find a single string there but finds an object.

It’s also possible you may be able to just remove the entire buildData block but I’ve not tested that.


That did the trick, alongside replacing a few animations…
Built and published to PlayStore…
Thank you so much…

But I think the beta should have backward compatibility in the future…

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That simply is not possible to add new features and be backwards compatible.

I really am sorry for your inconvenience. It reminded me when I first started programming a very wise man once told me… back up. back up. back up. because sooner or later you are going to foul up.

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Nothing is impossible; the stable release can remove whatever features are in the beta…

Just like Beta adds new lines to JSON file of the watchface as an upgrade to the watchface project, the Stable version looks at the Beta version JSON file and removes anything unknown and adds the needed changes for the watchface to work…

In a way, it is downgrading the project. It’s no different from upgrading the project, and it’s the effort the WFS team is willing to spend to either satisfy their users with the best user experience while Beta testing or make them struggle with nightmares like now…

I myself was very upset spending over 20 hours on this watchface, and you say back up back up back up, exactly what am I going to back up if this project was created in Beta release…? The backup is useless!!!

Thankfully, I was able to downgrade the project and uninstall the Beta. I never ever will even think about installing beta again (simply because the beta was released on 10th May, a key feature is broken since the release, left unpatched, the application is useless for publishing, you can only test or make a working apk, but not aab for PlayStore, where is the fix?)…

The WFS team should have rushed and released a patch to fix publishing watchfaces (other patches and issues can be fixed and released later, the app functionality is a priority) or allow beta projects to roll back to stable release…

Do consider this and save many users from wasting hours to end up putting the watchface on hold till stable release or rebuilding the watchface again from scratch…

I remember in one of the Beta, the app would crash, and in no more than a day or two, another update was released for the beta to fix the crash; that is a good thing, so why has this problem not been fixed yet…?

I hope this long comment isn’t seen as a critique or unappreciative of the hard work of the WFS Team and the support are putting in for us users… This comment is just feedback and a suggestion for a better app experience…

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I appreciate your feedback. If I seemed to dismiss your comments that was not my intent. My job is to represent developers and I try to do that fully. I do provide feedback to the WFS team.

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Received this alert message in Play console. before 31st August, need to updated all apps with API level 30?

Policy changes to improve Wear app quality will go into effect on August 31, 2023.

In addition, ensure that your Wear app targets Android 11 (API level 30). Apps that target lower levels will stop being discoverable to all Google Play users whose devices run Android OS versions newer than the app’s target API level from August 31, 2023. This is to ensure that the app is built to meet the safety and quality standard that these users expect from newer Android OS versions.

It’s OK. Watch faces created with WFS 1.3.13 have targetSDK 30 :slight_smile:

Target SDK is 30 but API Level is 28+ with WFS 1.3.13. Is this fine?

Yes. Starting with WFS 1.4.13 (Beta) the min SDK is set to 30. This means that our watch faces will only work on devices running Wear OS 3 and up.

Some news for you.

The release version of Watch Face Studio 1.4 is in QA testing. Depending on how that goes will determine a release date.

The upload to Play Store is a Play Store issue not a fault of WFS 1.4.13 Beta This was reported to the store last week and was reaffirmed this week.

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Just uninstall watch face studio v 1.4.13 and download the older version 1.3.13 , but unfortunately you will need to recreate your watch face because any work done through the v1.4.13 won’t be open on the earlier version 1.3.13.

It looks like a WFS 1.4.x is near to being released so if you do start a new project, back it up before updating.

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Hi all

This issue has been solved. Thank you for waiting.
Error: Watch face cannot have any files in the root of the package



I appreciate your efforts in resolving the bugs. Now I can proceed with uploading it to the Play Store. However, at this moment, I’ve noticed that the ABB size appears to be twice as large as before. Rest all fine for now!

Be sure to use a .png compression tool to reduce the size of your binary. You can find several free ones online or plugins for Photoshop. I have no personal experience but pngquant was recommended to me.

Be sure to check the requirement of Google Play for Watch Face Format. Apparently they are cracking down on the size of the watch face apps now.

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I am still facing this issue. Anyone knows the solution?

I believe this is resolved with WFS 1.4.19 release and changes in Play Store.

Be sure to totally rebuild your binary before trying to upload.

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All issues have been resolved. Thanks a lot for your help

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