Upload problem the binary file to the seller portal


I have a binary upload problem to the Seller Portal. It is waiting till infinity. There is no error message. When I refreshed the page I can upload it. Is there faced this problem? Thanks.

Uploading: Samsung seller portal upload problem.PNG…

Hi Erm,

Use Chrome Browser and the other times I saw this was because of a non “standard” text. So if you have any localized text or special characters like a " or > etc remove them.

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Hi Ron,
I already use Chrome and my file name don’t include a special character and space. I especially attention to the filename. I faced the last 3 watch faces with this problem. Every time I refreshed the page I could upload the file. I upload 3 files as TW3, TW4 and TW5. When I upload the first file there is no problem but there are a problem second and third files.

Hi Erm,

I don’t understand why you are uploading 3 versions. All S3 and newer devices run projects built for Tizen 4 and there is nothing in GWS that uses the additional features in Tizen 5.x.

Here is the old instruction for Tizen 2 devices. if you want to upload for Tizen 3 and Tizen 4
Build two .tpk files one for Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.0) the other for old Gear models (Tizen 3.0 or less)
You need to build twice, for each build you should set different Target API version and enter different version number.

Very Important!
In your build settings
Package name should be the SAME
Version should be different
Target API version should be different

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Hi Ron,

I saw Tizen 5 in 2.0.1 and I built it too. I built it as you said. For Example when I built;
Tizen 4.0 = I select 1.0.0
Tizen 3.0 = I select 1.0.1
Tizen 5.0 = I select 1.0.2

There is no problem with the filename or version.

If there is no device that uses Tizen 5, I will not build it after that.

Yesterday when I uploaded Tizen 4 and Tizen 3 files to the Seller Portal there was no problem with the first file (Tizen 3) but when I want to upload the second file (Tizen 4) the page seems to upload and wait for such that. When I refreshed the page the file had uploaded. I faced this problem for the last 4 watch faces. This time I made it with GWS 2.0.0.

I recorded the problem in video. Could you please watch it? If you inform me after you watched I will delete it. Thanks.

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I confirm all the above said by the developer. The problem appeared recently and I also ran into this problem when loading the binary files of the themes. It helps only to refresh the page.

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I see the same problem uploading a 2nd theme binary. I have to refresh, but the binary loads.

I load an Android 11 version then it hangs loading the Android 12 binary. So it’s a portal problem.

That makes sense there is a large number of apps/Themes/watch faces uploaded in December trying to finish before Holiday breaks or cash in on Christmas.

Samsung Developer Relations

Official Answer

Regarding your inquiry, we would like to inform you that the department in charge confirmed that there was an internal issue.

However, these issues will be corrected and reflected in early January, so please wait a little longer.

Also, please note that registration is possible through the method below until it is fixed.

  1. Enter text in the Validation section, save ends in the process loop
  • Please save the application information first and then enter a review, it will work normally.
  1. If a notification pop-up occurs, it is just an information pop-up, and there is no problem with the binary upload, so please ‘refresh’ the screen.