GWS upload error

When I try to upload a watchface to my S3 Frontier (which I’ve done for years) I get the attached error message. WiFi on, Debugging on, BT off, and still this. I can’t even read the whole thing because this is all I can see. I’d appreciate any help.

Hi @rog1598215254,
Your distributor certificate has been expired. Just create a new distributor certificate for your S3 Frontier, the problem will be resolved. See how to get a distributor certificate.


LOL! OK! But I’m not selling my watch faces. Its too difficult to get them on the market. Thanks, man!


Did that and it did not work. Still getting the error message.

I also tried it via BT but again, at the 65% upload mark, it failed.

This is the RSA Encryption Key not being accepted error. This is a new requirement due to EU’s GDPR, and USA privacy regulations (and most other countries)

See FAQ 24 especially part 4 on how to connect. When a device is updated it can trigger this having to be redone.

In previous times it was just a simple allow message but with the RSA encryption key you have a very short time to accept it.

Also if you had not added watch faces since the update to Tizen 4 you will have to get a new distributor certificate because that changes the device ID.

Finally along with needing to turn debugging on for your watch I would suggest you tap on the Settings - About Watch- software 5 times to enable developer options.

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Thanks Ron. I’ll give thus a shot. I really want to get back to designing.

That worked! A lot to go through but I appreciate it! Any way to avoid this in the future, the making 2 saves thing?

The RSA encryption key shouldn’t need to be agreed to again unless you reboot the watch but maybe not even then. If you do sdboverbt I think it is stll good to go but I had to OK it on my phone one time.

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I appreciate it. Let me ask this. I’m showing Total Calories Burned. Is there a way to show just burned by activity, which is a measuremrnt SHealth does.

No, the only access to health there is is the ones provided by Galaxy Watch Studio. It uses proprietary algorithms so you can’t even do it with Tizen Studio.

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