Gear S2, S3, Sport Tizen 3 or 4?


I would like to ask about when i want to upload a binary for the following watches (S2, S3, Sport) should i upload it as a tizen 3 version or as a tizen 4 version?

Thank you.

Hi, if you want to support S2, make sure you are using GWD version compatible with gear S2.
Then you have to build and upload .tpk file for tizen 3 and below.
If you want to support all watches, you should create both .tpk versions and upload them both.

Thank you, also if i want to upload a binary for active 2 watch and a binary for gear s3, i have to build each binary for it’s respected device but i also have to give them different version numbers? And if the review team rejects one of the 2 binaries, the one that passed will it get published for sale like normal?

Sorry for the amount of questions and thank you in advance.

I dont remember the proces exactly, but its described here:

As I remember you need to upload the rejected app new. Sadly the new version of the passed app also don’t get published till all things of your update passed.
Because of this I recommend to upload first the one version and if it pass add the second… This is also the way I do it mostly :slight_smile:
It’s a bit more work, but it is faster for one of the versions :smiley:

And if you use Tizen Studio I would recommend make the app simple with Tizen 2.3.2 this was the released version of the Gear S2 and so you can support all Tizen Versions… Only if you need some newer API I would go higher…

Well i upload both binaries at the same time… I thought of uploading each binary in different days but wont this affect the way they are displayed on the store?

For example i upload the tizen 4 binary first it gets approved its on the new watch faces store section and after a few days i upload the tizen 3 binary, will it show up as a new watch face for the tizen 3 watches or not because it’s already been a few days since the first upload?

If you want to support Gear S2 you must start from Tizen 2.3.2. It was last official tizen version for this watch. And please remember: since Tizen 4.0+ you have to handle user permissions.