Use of direct links

Hello everyone, I’m just starting my adventure with programming on the watch.
Well, I have a few smartphone devices at home. I would like to add a button to a shield that would send a direct link to control the device.

is it possible and how to program such a button.
please give me a hint

i have GW46 with Tizen 4.0.7


   <div class="ui-content">
		<ul class="ui-listview">
			<li><a href="">Taras</a></li>
			<li><a href="#">List2</a></li>

I used the TAULIST list example from the Tizen Studio template.

but after uploading to the watch it does not work
the watch is connected to the network and to the phone.

how to do it, please give me a hint

Hello @wjcchblwsk ,

Thank you for your interest in Tizen .NET app development.
Since you already have a web application for controlling your IoT devices, you can simply load that inside a webview in your app. To learn more please check out the guide from here.

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very interesting solution, but still too difficult for me :frowning:
for now I would like to pin such a link.
it is a direct link that already performs some action.

can you help me ?

maybe in diffrent way,
how to create a watch app that would be linked to an android app ??
I would like to pass the information both ways