CustomTabsCallback is not opening in Samsung internet browser

I am working on one android app which includes payment via browser. We used a custom tab intent to open the payment link inside Samsung browser.
These are the steps:
Step1: Open the Android app
Step2: Clicked on one provided button which triggers payment flow and opens the link in browser using the custom tab
Step3: The payment screen will come on a browser (custom tab), which will take card details.
Step4: After entering card details, need to tap on ‘Register’ then the screen will reload with the ‘Bank’s’ page
Step5: Bank page will ask the user to ’Sign with the ‘BankID’ app. (3D secure or two-step verification)
Step6: The app was kept in the background to open ‘BankID’(3D secure) and approve the transaction.
Step7: Approve the transaction in the ‘BankID’ app.
Step8:After approval from BankID’, bring the browser back to the foreground to continue the booking.
Ideally, the browser should auto-redirect back to the mobile app without any issues, but it’s landing on a blank screen and it’s stuck in the browser itself. No way to trigger the app even after refreshing or trying to open it in the Samsung internet browser instead of custom tabs.

Samsung internet browser version :
Android OS: 12
Device: Samsung Galaxy s10 (SM-G973F)

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Hello, I think you should post a request at Developer Support | Samsung Developers to get better support.

Hi, Where should I post the request, kindly mention the link, “here” is not taking me anywhere.

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Sorry this is the link: Developer Support | Samsung Developers

The dashboard for support requests is THIS LINK.

Samsung Developer Relations