Using Samsung IAP in a non-Java app

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I wanted to implement Samsung In-App Purchase SDK in my app, but it appears I can’t really do it due to License limitations set by Samsung.
The Samsung IAP SDK is made in Java so you have to have a Java app to use it. However, my app is not Java. In order to use Samsung IAP SDK I have to create a library to be able to utilize the IAP SDK.

I contacted Samsung directly asking if I can create a library on my own which uses the IAP SDK, but the response was is that I’m not allowed to create a library.
The only way to use the IAP SDK is to integrate it into my app. But I can’t do it because my app is not Java and that requires for me to have my own “bridge” in a form of my own library to use it.

I found Unity has a plugin for Samsung IAP SDK and they probably use .Net, but maybe Unity has a special agreement with Samsung on that.

Is there anyone else who uses Samsung IAP SDK in a non-Java app and got around it to be still compliant with Samsung license?
Or should I just give up on using Samsung IAP SDK?

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