Variable support needed

Hi. I’m relatively new to WFS and like it as far as I have been able to take it. I am requesting something I can’t find and am told is not currently supported: implementer set variables with supporting tags and style actions.

As I understand it, the end user can modify a watchface if multiple styles are available (such as change index color or type). The styles imply no actual function and a function is what I’m trying to implement.

I want to be able to set a variable which may be modified by a style change. That way, when a style changes, other components can check the variable value (via a tag which returns the variable value). That in turn enables components to respond to the change in variable. In my case the response would be to become visible or not visible. I’m sure there are other interesting things this would enable.

I think this could make style changes more functional.

< david

I believe what you are asking for is pretty common request.
Can you add this to the feature request topic so everything is all together.

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