Verticle type

is there a way in watch face studio to lay out verticle type?

Also, is there a way to use color gradients instead of just solids?


I assume by vertical you mean something like

and that is not possible you can have curved type that follow an arc, but the letters are on an angle.
If it was a digital clock you could stack clocks one on top of the other

Yes you can use Gradients colors.
For text
You can create your own bitmap font (which is basically an image that substitutes for a specific character. Or you can put a semi transparent image over a white font if you want it gradient over the entire text.
I have a little trick I use for my backgrounds since I’m not a designer I start with one of the Gradient images from WFS and then put a solid color theme style next so I can change colors and keep the gradient color.

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thanks for the reply, altho a little saddened about the verticle type. but yes, that
exactly what i meant. lol
thanks again

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Word wrapping and EOL formatting is a highly requested item.

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Maybe you can find suitable font that has glyphs turned sideways so when used in text field that can be turned 90° making it appear vertical