Watch Face Format aab google upload fail

Hi Team,

I’m having an issue that is blocking me from uploading my created WFF watch face to Google Play Console. For what it is worth, the app is working on emulators and physical devices but fails the bundletool checks on Play Console app bundle upload tool. I assume it might have something to do with my architecture but I cannot work out what that is…

Error Message:
An error occurred while running bundletool build-apks on your uploaded App Bundle. Ensure that your App Bundle is valid by running bundletool build-apks locally and try again. Learn more. Error: Watch face base module cannot have any components and can only have resources.

GitHub Repo Link:

Screenshot of base module (only manifest, resources and play store image):

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Disable Play Console’s built-in protection and the watch face will load without issue (and remember to reactivate it once the watch face has been uploaded).

And yes, it’s another bug between Play Console and WFS 1.4.x + already reported for months…

See this thread:

Thanks Matteo but unfortunately I do not think this is the issue. The watch face was not created with WFS but was created with Watch Face Format XML. I do not have App Integrity turned on, I believe this occurs after an app has been loaded onto the play console. I am currently trying (and failing) to upload an app bundle onto the console for internal testing:

As far as I can see, App / Play Integrity is currently off:

Unfortunately I can’t give you advice in this case because I have no experience with Android Studio.

This is the WFS category and I thought you were referring to that.

For anyone else encountering the same issue, it appears that Android Studio does not yet support Watch Face Format in its Android App Bundle packaging.

In order to package in a way that will be accepted by the app store you must use some third party packaging tools in order to keep code separate from resources.

From Android Developers:

Build your watch face’s app bundle

To build the Android App Bundle that contains your watch face, use the bundletool. Learn more about how to build an app using bundletool.