NEW error message on Play Console when updating watch face

Hi All,

Today I was trying for the umpteenth time to update a watch face with WFS 1.4.20.

This is a simple upgrade file from WFS 1.3 to WFS 1.4.2

While I was uploading the .AAB file, builded with WFS 1.4.2, I got this error message:

An error occurred while running the bundletool build-apks command on the loaded bundle app. Make sure the app bundle is valid by running the command bundletool build-apks locally and try again

Error: All modules with native libraries must support the same set of ABIs, but module ‘base’ supports ‘[ARMEABI_V7A, X86_64, ARM64_V8A, X86]’ and module ‘runtime’ supports ‘[ARM64_V8A, ARMEABI_V7A, ARMEABI, X86, X86_64]’.

Has anyone received the same error?

Is this a Google problem or what?

This is the first time this happens to me… I’ve been trying to send updates (for weeks) for the “memory budget” issue but today I also found this news.

@sinjae @r.liechty_SDP

Thank you.

very strange. I have updated 10 watch faces in the last few days. From version 1.3. to version 1.4.2 without error messages.

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This morning (in EU) I sent a new Watch face and I didn’t get this issue. This new error appeared while updating an existing watch face 2 hours ago.


I tried to upgrade another watch face, still from WFS 1.3 to WFS 1.4.20 and I still get the same error on Play Console.


How old is the watch faces you wish to update? WFS changed Androidx version after the initial release (I’m not sure when but at least 6 months) so that may be the error if those are older versions.

Try updating them to 1.3.x if they weren’t already. That is all I can think of



Hi Ron,

Thank you for your answer.

These are watch faces already created with WFS 1.3, about 2 months ago.

BTW, I tried to send an update also with a third watch face (built with WFS 1.3 two months ago), but i still get the same error.

It was a shot… My only other thought is there was some support for the API 28 in your older version but I’d think that would be a different error message.

If google play can’t give you a better answer in the next couple days let me know.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Why did the error say .apk? Did you build the watch face and choose both .aab and .apk output or only .aab?


Only .aab, as I always did until yesterday.

I tried to create the build with AAB+APK as well, but on Play Console I can only upload the .AAB file… Anyway, I get the same error.

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This discussion at Stackoverflow might be useful:

android - Submitting update to existing app on Google Play Store: "An error occurred while running bundletool build-apks" - Stack Overflow.


Yes, I had already seen that post but I didn’t find a solution.

Have you tried to update a watch face created with WFS 1.4.2 on Play Console since yesterday?

What I mean is that until the day before yesterday, I didn’t have these issues.

Same error here, maybe again something with signatures?


No, I have not updated my WFS 1.3 watch faces with WFS 1.4 I only submitted new watch faces with WFS 1.4.

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Ok, so I’m not the only one having this problem.

I just tried again, and I still get the same error message.

If, on the other hand, I update a watch face only with WFS 1.3, no problem on the Play Console.

I think this issue should be fixed quickly because currently (since yesterday) it is not possible to send .AAB files on Play Console as an upgrade from WFS 1.4.2.

I created a watchface with WFS 1.4.2 and submitted today. I had no error message when uploading the AAB file.


The issue is shown when you “update” a watch face from WFS 1.3.

I also tried a few minutes ago, same error.

If you can verify, try to do a test:

Upgrade a watch face previously created with WFS 1.3.x to WFS 1.4.20.
Build the .AAB file and try uploading it to Play Console. This error will be shown (no problem until 3 days ago).

Issue is here also when you try to upload completely new ABB.
I’ve just tried with completely new app. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


WOW. This is new to me!

So there is something wrong with Play Console. :expressionless:

I wonder why @SGWatchDesign didn’t get this error… :expressionless:

It reminds me of the issue of two years ago when there were half accounts that ticked the “active” flag on the watch faces and were not validated …

I don’t know it. I have not received any error message today with a new WF with 1.4.2 or in the last few days an update from 1.3.x to 1.4.2

Today I test an update from 1.3.x to 1.4.2 and give information

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@amoledwatchfaces @SGWatchDesign

I figured out where the problem is:

IF “automatic integrity protection” is turned on, you will see this error.

IF instead disables the “automatic integrity protection”, the file is loaded without errors.

The strange thing is that the .AAB file loads without problems when created with WFS 1.3.x even with automatic integrity protection enabled…

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