Phone battery


there is an option to see the phone battery in my phone?
if yes, how can i add in watch face studi?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi, WFS does not provide such feature. Im just curious what excuse why, we will see this time.
I guess because some other supposedly compatible devices would not be compatible or like that.

maybe there is any update that fix it?
I see a lot of watch faces with this feature in Google Play

You need dedicated phone app for this. I already have simple phone battery complication app under review in Play Store. It will be free. Just got wear os review denied because tester didnt test wear os app with paired phone so Ive send app for another review.


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This is something not WFS related. Samsung can simply put a few lines of code to their clock or other system app (SHORT_TEXT,RANGED_VALUE,LONG_TEXT) & all WFS watch faces complications will start to work with it :slight_smile:

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App should be ready, you need both phone / watch apps installed. Complication needs watch connected to phone via bluetooth / wifi / lte.



I do not dare to speculate anymore, who or how easily could implement something. I could have imagined something, but too many times I have heard, that that something was not possible because of whatever reason. Always sounded as lame excuse in 21st century, the age of personal computers in phones and watches. And thank you for preparing the app :slight_smile: it might come handy, in case someday I get convinced, the wear OS watches became ripe enough to replace my Frontier.

but i can use it just on default watch faces that i can change the complication in the wearable app.
i cant add this complications by edit thought the watch face studio, or that is possible?

Yet it is possible, just add SHORT_TEXT or RANGED_VALUE in WFS. Then use with this app.

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I tried but I didnโ€™t succeed, itโ€™s need to be in action? With Appid?

You need to add component

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Thank you!! work fine!