WearOS OS 2.0 Compatibility

I’d like to know if Watch Face Studio is compatible with WearOS 2.24 which is the OS version on Ticwatch E2. It’s written ‘API Level 28’ but it seems to refer to Android 9? Or else i don’t understand.

The docs say

Watch Face Studio supports watch faces for the Galaxy Watch 4 and other watch devices that run Wear OS targeting API level 28+.

From the Android Training docs on updating
If your Wear OS app targets the Wear OS 2.0 (API level 28), then most of the work to upgrade is handling the platform changes from Android 9 (API level 28) to Android 11 (API level 30).

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Thanks for your answer but i still don’t understand the correspondance between WearOS versions and Android api level. My question is quite simple by the way, i just want to know if a WearOS 2.24 device Can run correctly a watch face made with Watch Face Studio.

As far as I know Wear OS 2.24 is the next update from Wear OS 2.0, so watch face made with WatchFace Studio will compatible with Ticwatch but maybe not all features will works because Ticwatch has own health apps.

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I have a TicWatch E3 and watch faces made in WFS work fine.

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