Web Push: PushManager getSubscription broken?

Since the release of Samsung Internet v14 we’re seeing behavior that prevents us from retrieving a web push subscription. The following code should return subscription information when a subscriber has opted in to push notifications and has a valid service worker: registration.pushManager.getSubscription() is invoked but never resolves the promise…

navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then(function(registration) {
    console.log('service worker registered');
    let sub = registration.pushManager.getSubscription();
    console.log('i never get here')
    return sub;
}).then(function(subscription) {
    console.log('i never get here')

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Thanks

I am seeing this behavior as well, getSubscription does not resolve and is not rejected.

I also experience this since a few days. Any news on this?

Since v14.0.3.5 of “Samsung Internet” it seems to work again (to me). What do others experience?

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