Webfont rendering in canvas issue

I’m a HTML5 hyper casual game developer using Scirra Construct 3. From about early May I started to notice that none of the web fonts render in it’s Canvas. This does work perfectly fine on every other browser. And this used to work on Samsung internet also up till about April or May. How ever, if we use web fonts in regular HTML it does work. Can this be checked?
I have prepared test documents for this:
This is rendering within canvas: (This does not work)

This is regular HTML. (This works)

Please check and let me know if this is a bug in Samsung internet browser.

Hello @rumesh ,

Thank your interest in the Samsung Internet Browser. We are sorry to hear about your inconvenience.
We will be communicating with the Samsung Internet Browser development team about your query and get back to you soon!

Best Regards,
Samsung Developer Program

Thank you very much @shuvo.saha
Waiting for a response. Please let me know if you guys need any help from my side to troubleshoot. Happy to help anytime.

Hello @rumesh ,

Hope you are doing well! Sorry for the delay in response.
The Samsung Internet Developement has patched the root cause of the issue.
The patch is expected to be released by August, in Samsung Internet Browser version 14.2.3.

We would like to request you to wait for this version and try again. Thank you again for your patience!

Best Regards,
Samsung Developer Program

Thank you very much @shuvo.saha Highly appreciate the support and enthusiasm from all of you guys! I will check the update when it comes out and give you my feedback and confirm if its all good.

Thanks again

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Hi @shuvo.saha
Got the update and the bug is fixed now. Working perfectly fine.
Thanks for fixing this.

You guys rock! :+1: