WebGL Rendering Issues on S21 with Android 12

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I’ve been experiencing some strange issues around WebGL rendering on Samsung Galaxy S21 devices using Android 12. Specifically, the S21 and S21 Ultra. Android 11 devices (including the S21+) appear to be fine. What I’m seeing is meshes flickering and deforming in very odd ways. The renderer I’m using is custom-built and runs off a WebGL 1.0 context.

According to my research, the PixiJS renderer is experiencing very similar problems. WebGL flickering on Samsung Galaxy S21 Android 12 · Discussion #8038 · pixijs/pixijs · GitHub (The issues I’m seeing are pretty much identical to the video shown there). This leads me to believe that the problem most likely lies within the WebGL implementation on the device drivers. The solution presented on the page above is to swap the WebGL buffer usage from STREAM_DRAW and DYNAMIC_DRAW to STATIC_DRAW. This does seem to fix the problem, but it isn’t an ideal solution. Does anyone know if this will be addressed soon? I should add that I have seen reports of the Google Pixel 6 doing similar things.

Here are some more cases of people reporting graphical issues:

According to those reports, it appears to have something to do with Exynos 2100. I personally don’t have any way of confirming this though.

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Have you tested this issue on any other non-Samsung phone having Android 12? Is this issue Samsung device specific?

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Hi @Jakia.Sultana, Thank you.

The only other device that appears to have the issue is Google Pixel 6.

Thats the same graphics issue I get on Dolphin emulator when I run it with OpenGl mode.

i switch it to Vulkan mode, it does fix the problem but its way slower.

Galaxy s21 ultra Exynos, the issue started after the android 12 update.

I also have the same issue with dolphin, aethersx2 bur duckstation seems fine

I also had the same problem on my Google Pixel 6.

I seem to have a similar issue wherein WebGL is not working as intended on the (recently updated) Galaxy Note 10 Lite. I’ve explained it in detail over here.