Week of the year starting on monday


Is it possible to make the day of the week start on monday?
I want to create a watchface that tells the week of the year and jumps from one week to the next.
Here is the watchface that I’m using.

I’ve tried it with the function “day of the year” but that results in a fluent motion and I want it to jump from one week to the other.

I’ve also tried using the digital clock and creating a bitmap font with pictures of the watch hand on all the different positions but I can’t get the week to start on monday.

I would like the week numbers to be according to the ISO-8601.

Hope somebody can help me.

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Hi, I think best option is the one with bitmap font. Only thing you need to change is the language setting for the digital clock element. Remove the English as default and pick some other language of a country that actually uses the ISO standard for starting day of week (right the first one, Albania, works).

You can do this with a complicated Tag expression.
But what will you do with the in 2023 when there are 53 weeks of the year?

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Thanks @Peter yes this works. I just haven’t noticed that english is set as the default language and therefore I was just adding a language.

Thanks @r.liechty_SDP , I will have to better understand how to use the tag expression. Where do I have to put in those tag expressions with the watch hand function? Or do I have to use a different function?

Yes you’re right, apparently even high-end luxury watch manufacturers have issues with the 53 week. I’ll just make a watchface then with 53 week.